Vermiculite is an invaluable tool for increasing soil and water retention in your seeds. Williames Covering Machines are designed for high volume commercial seeding operations by dispensing an even layer of vermiculite for covering seeds in your tray. And, what’s more, the process is as simple as the press of a button.

These machines are programmed to operate at variable speeds of your choosing. They are part of the Williames Seeding Line and are mounted on the conveyor for the seeds to pass through after singulation. However, they are also just as ideal as standalone machines.

They come in three standard sizes: the V2;  the V5 and the new V10 Vermiculite Coverer available for the Williames ST2500 Seeding Line to accommodate two trays being processed simultaneously side-by-side.

Williames Compost Spreader is available when the same mix of covering material is used to top dress the tray cells with the same growing media used for seeding. 

Robust construction means low maintenance and high productivity. Some clients have been operating their machine for 20+ years. Simple and straightforward to operate, the trays trip the automatic START / STOP activation. The adjustable feed gate and ribbed belt dispense a set amount of cover that can be changed to suit different needs. The viewing glass lets you quickly monitor the level of the hopper’s contents. Three phase or single phase power connection is available.




How does the V2 Vermiculite Coverer work?

Upon insertion of your vermiculite into the Coverer’s hopper:

  • The vermiculite coverer plugs into a socket on the Williames Seeder.
  • A fluted roller draws vermiculite from the Coverer’s hopper, dropping it onto your tray as it passes underneath.
  • You can change the width of your vermiculite drop via a sliding flap in and out of the hopper to accommodate multiple trays





V2 Vermiculite Coverer
V5 Vermiculite Coverer
V10 Vermiculite Coverer
Compost Spreader










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