Williames Rolling Nursery Racks


Williames rolling nursery racks cut down tray-handling in your nursery, providing substantial labour savings and competitive advantage. This is down to their key features:

  • Designed for trays to slide on and off to enable automated loading and unloading
  • Are designed to stack on top of each other, with self-locating tabs suited to forklift stacking
  • Designs with self-locating rollers for rolling benches.
  • Made for long life; we hot-dip galvanize the racks ensuring maximum protection against corrosion.
  • Designed to suit all known tray types: No matter your tray type, we can design the racks to suit
  • Highly cost competitive, drawing on Williames’ experience in the manufacture of tens of thousands of racks, ability to source low-cost steel around the globe and to manage long-distance rack production. Williames supply racks at competitive prices virtually anywhere in the world.
  • Choice of material: You can choose to have your racks built from steel or aluminium.

How Can Williames Nursery Racks Save you Money?

You make substantial labour savings using rack-based automation. Many large nurseries have through-puts as high as 20 million seedlings per worker per year using rolling nursery racks and associated equipment. However, smaller nurseries also benefit from our racks, saving labour costs and therefore making management of the nursery easier without hiring seasonal labour.

Additionally, Williames listens closely to you during the design of the rolling nursery racks, customizing a solution according to your unique requirements. Our aim is to build a rack and rolling bench system that helps you achieve your business goals. Alongside that, we lighten your load and reduce stress in your workplace.


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