Tray Filler


  • Fingertip variable speed control: control the speed of the tray filler’s soil-flow, density and tray-feed at the touch of a few buttons and dials
  • Fills up to 1000 Pots/Trays an Hour: Fill multiple trays and pots quickly and automatically
  • Simple operation: No needlessly complex levers or mechanisms – control the filler’s operations at the touch of a few buttons
  • Lock n’ Slide Panels: Adjustable side panels suit all known tray widths
  • Controls: Soil scraper, soil density control, soil rotor and rotary brush to control quality of your fill
  • Vibrator: An electric vibrator is installed to stop soil bridging in the hopper – features adjustable intensities
  • Customisable For Any Pot/Tray Type: We customise to your pot and tray-type.
  • Integrated soil return: These units recycle the soil mix, preventing wastage and contamination 
  • Safety Shutdown and Emergency Stop: Simple-to-use safety feature.
  • Ergonomic design: The machine ensures you do the whole potting process while standing up. 


  • Stainless Steel Body: In addition to the standard ‘mild steel’ model, we offer a stainless steel body version.
  • Stainless Steel Chain: Upgrade your filler’s drive-chain to stainless steel
  • Hungry Boards: We can add hungry boards to increase the capacity of the hopper, based on your requirements.
  • Soil Compression Roller
  • Rotary Brush

Williames Universal Pot & Tray Filler is designed for large-scale commercial tray filling. It is suitable for filling a wide range of pot and tray sizes. When you enquire about our tray filler, tells us what trays you use and we customise the machine to match.

Reliable and simple to operate with low maintenance it is robustly constructed from heavy duty materials for long life including steel chains and steel cleats. Variable speed drive precisely controls the speed of filling and the machine can be adjusted for different sized pots. Designed with a large working area and two work stations set at an ergonomically safe height, it has an integrated soil return and safe operation with mesh guarding and an auto-stop function. Available to suit single or three phase power supply, depending on your requirements.

Williames Universal Pot and Tray Filler has been customised for several clients: in addition to the mild steel version, a stainless steel model is available.

Universal Pot & Tray Filler

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