Tray Transfer Rack De-Stacker


Williames Tray Transfer Rack De-Stacker is an automatic, seamless rack de-stacking system. The system is designed to remove the mundane, everyday job of handling trays and allow flexibility within your nursery.

The Tray Transfer Rack De-Stacker automatically loads trays onto your racks. The system consists of a rack dispenser, tray loader and rack destacking system.

How The System Operates:

  • Empty racks are loaded via forklift into the dispenser magazine.
  • In the dispenser magazine, the racks hold on via pneumatic pins, supported by a scissor lift.
  •  The pneumatic pins release. The rack is then placed singularly into the tray-loading position using the scissor lift mechanism.
  • The scissor lift mechanism to lower the rack into position
  • High-speed discharge gap-up conveyor allows the filled trays to back up against the tray arrestor, which removes gaps between the trays.
  • When a signal from a sensor detects that there is a full row of 7 trays, a pneumatic-cylinder-operated pusher arm slides the row across the waiting rack
  • After the pusher arm loads 4 rows, the stacking magazine’s chain drive indexes the rack – the scissor lift then lifts the rack into the magazine, where the supporting pins hold it in place.
  • Once the magazine acquires 10 racks, you remove the stack with your forklift for laying out.

Why Invest in the Tray Transfer Rack De-Stacker?

  • By reducing the manual-handling of trays in your nursery, you allow greater availability for your labour. This is vital in expanding your business.
  • You cut costs: By cutting down on labour, you inevitably also cut down on costs.
  • Low Maintenance: The system is designed to be accessible and long-lasting. We want you to worry about your output – not the machine itself.
  • You give your nursery the ability to produce a higher-output that retains uniformity.



“The success of the project was demonstrated by the reduction in labour required to lay out the racks being reduced from 8 people to 2 people, and from 4 tractors to 2 forklifts.

In summary Williames Pty Ltd demonstrated a professional and flexible approach to the project, working closely with G&S Seedlings in a partnership to achieve the outcome of a successful project, delivered on time and within budget. They showed a depth of understanding of the requirements of automation in a nursery and the ability to empathise with a client’s vision. The success of the project has been demonstrated by the subsequent ordering of a second closely related system for de-stacking, washing racks and re-stacking again for storage.” 

Glenn McKay, Portfolio Manager – G & S Seedlings, Western Australia




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