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The WILLIAMES TWO-STAGE TWO-MAN POT FILLER is a machine designed for easy use and productivity.

This altered version of our standard Pot Filler enables two people to utilise its automatic soil-filling abilities simultaneously. The first operator partly fills the pot then pushes it aside to the second operator who then plants the plant, completing the second stage.

The first Pot Filler operator then slides the next pot into position to enable a continuous process. Any excess soil from filling simply drops through the mesh workstation. It is then transferred back to the hopper via the machine’s chain-drive excess conveyor below, meaning no wastage.

Not only does the machine speed up the filling process, it also ensures your health and safety. The Filler’s ergonomic design features a user-friendly height, greatly lessening issues like back strain that often result from manual pot-filling. By lessening the physical risks, you also lessen the mental health risks, creating a happier, healthier working environment.


  • Simple straightforward operation: On/Off Buttons and Variable Speed dial are all easily accessible on a single control panel. No needlessly complex levers or mechanisms.
  • Fingertip variable speed drive: Maintain precise control of the speed of your soil-flow via an easy-to-use dial.
  • Customised for your pot and bag sizes: It doesn’t matter what size your pot or bags are – we customise the machine to suit you.
  • Two workstations: Two operators can use the machine simultaneously, thanks to the two workstations.
  • Glide n’ Slide: The ‘track’ in the middle of the workstation allows you to smoothly glide and slide your pots across to your partner
  • User friendly height: The workstations are at waist-level, requiring no bending to use.
  • Integrated Soil Return: Excess soil from filling is automatically recycled back to the main hopper, ready to be used again.
  • Customisable for different-sized pots: The machine is customised to accommodate your pot sizes.
  • Safe operation emergency stop and mesh guarding: Designed to ensure your safety while you fill
  • Low maintenance


  • Hungry boards: Hungry boards can be added to increase the hopper’s capacity
  • Optional chute extension: Optional, removable schutes for pots on the ground
  • Castor wheel kits: Castor wheels can be added to enhance your machine’s mobility
  • Rubber Wheel Kit: We can apply rubber wheels to the machine to enhance your machine’s mobility.
  • Trailer and tow hitch: A tow hitch can be added so you can pull it along via your vehicle
  • Single or three phase power available
Two-Stage Two-Man Pot Filler
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“I have no problem in recommending this safe, reliable, versatile, durable, affordable, and easy to maintain potting machine to anyone wishing to buy one.”

David Bazzani, Managing Director of Olea Nurseries, Western Australia




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