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Today, we've been working on this automatic high-capacity multi-pot filler for Costa Group ... See MoreSee Less

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A recent project we completed for Sealed Air Corp. at Tullamarine, Melbourne - high-quality jumbo roll stands used for plastic. They can also be used with a wide range of other materials. ... See MoreSee Less

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Here's a brief overview of our Williames ST2500 Seeding Line which assembles several powerful machines to create a throughput of 2,500 seeded trays per hour. ... See MoreSee Less

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Williames is a leading provider of a wide range of high quality hard plastic seedling trays for the horticultural industry. The trays promote optimal plant growth and development. Field tests have been undertaken with leading propagators to ensure optimal cell shape, minimal root spiraling and good aerial pruning.

Williames trays are injection die molded using high quality UV stabilized polypropylene: our trays are tough, rigid, and long lasting.
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- Williames Dibber Points are designed and built as a parabolic curve — a shape that smoothly creates a space for the seed of a specific width and depth without either digging into or compacting the growing media/soil.

- They make an indentation precisely in the centre of each cell — in all known types of tray.

- They make the indentation at the optimum depth in the cell to achieve the greatest possible germination rate of all types of seed.
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