Watering Tunnels

Williames Watering Tunnels are designed to water the tray after it has been filled, seeded and covered. Water is sprayed across the width of the tray as it is passed underneath via conveyor belt. A variety of interchangeable attachments are available, depending on required watering volume.

On the Williames Seeding Line, the Watering Tunnel is connected to the Seeder conveyor to allow smooth tray transfer from the Vermiculite Coverer to the tunnel.

Our Tunnels are manufactured from corrosion-resistant stainless steel to prevent decay. They are available in two standard sizes: the DC Drench Watering Tunnel and DC 3000 Watering Tunnel.

DC Watering Tunnel

Watering Tunnel

DC Watering Tunnel Gallery Group
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DC Watering Tunnel Features

  • Optional inter-changeable attachments are available depending on your required level of watering
  • Completely stainless steel
  • Option 1 – Fan Jet – sprays fine mist
  • Option 2 – Low Pressure Spray Bar – for normal watering
  • Option 3 – Drench Attachment operated by whisker switch at the end of the tunnel
  • Able to possess up to five sprays
  • Optional roller conveyor add-on
  • Individual fixed or variable speed motor drive
  • Extremely reliable with low maintenance

JV Watering Tunnel

Watering Tunnel

JV Watering Tunnel
Watering Tunnel
JV Watering Tunnel
Electric Motor Gearbox
Stainless Steel Fork Lift Channels & Frame
Watering Zones
Stainless Steel Belt Support
Stainless Steel Crowned Rollers
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  • 5 Sprays with 14 Watering Zones
  • Adjustable for all tray sizes (photo above adjusted for 198-cell trays side-ways)
  • Full Width Stainless Steel support Pan
  • Stainless Steel Crown Rollers for conveyor
  • Variable Speed Drive
  • Optional Castor Wheels for greater mobility
  • Option to remove top cover if you are watering potted plants
  • Optional stainless steel heavy duty forklift channels and box section frame



DC Drench Watering Tunnel
DC 3000 Watering Tunnel









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