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Williames Tray De-Stacker 

Tray De-Stacker

Note: As of the 16th September 2022, this webpage is under construction. We plan to add more info soon.

The Williames Tray De-Stacker is the first part of the Williames Seeding Line. As the name suggests, the machine automatically dislodges your trays onto the conveyor. This therefore eliminates the necessity for feeding your trays by hand. We manufacture a variety of tray de-stackers that suit your various tray-feeding requirements.

Williames Standard De-Stacker

The Standard De-Stacker is suited for hard plastic or polystyrene trays (i.e. like the ones we manufacture).  The default model is end-loaded – however, side-loading units are also available. Here, you start by placing your bottom tray between two cleats on the conveyor to ensure smooth transition. Afterwards, you simply stack up the trays in the De-Stacker’s ‘magazine’. Once this is done, you simply press the ‘ON’ button and the trays automatically (and smoothly) feed into the Seeding Line one-by-one. The smooth transition is achieved because the conveyor’s guide rails are able to align with the de-stacker, allowing a seamless feed.




Robustly-Built Made with rigid steel to ensure a long-life
Simple to use Simply load up the column and press the button ON/OFF and the trays feed themselves onto the conveyor one-by-one.
Seamless Transfer The conveyor’s adjustable guide-rails ensure a seamless transfer from stacker to conveyor.
End or side-loading End or side-loading options based on your preference
 Suited to all known plastic or polystyrene trays We can customise the Stacker to suit the trays of your choice.




End or side-loading Units can be end or side-loading depending on your preference
Stainless Steel Body An optional stainless steel body for extra protection against corrosion.
Number of magazines/columns Twin, 3-stage or 4-stage Tray De-Stackers available, allowing you to store and feed more trays


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