Hercules Pot and Bag Filler


The Hercules Pot and Bag Filler is a heavy-duty machine designed for large-scale commercial potting operations. As the name suggests, the machine is designed to automatically fill your pots and bags. Equipped with infrared sensors and powered by a heavy-duty motor and gearbox, the machine is capable of producing up to 1200 filled, drilled and planted pots an hour.


  • Fingertip Variable Speed Control: Alter the speed of your conveyor, soil-flow and soil-return at the touch of a few dials
  • High-Capacity Automatic Drill: A drill inserts a hole in the centre of your filled-pot for optimum seed placement – features quick-attach drill-change for different pots
  • Top-Up Fill: Top up your soil mix after drilling.
  • Automatic Pot Dispenser: Stack your pots in the dispenser and release them at the touch of a button
  • Soil Return Mechanism: Chain-driven soil return mechanism ensures spilt soil isn’t wasted – instead, it’s reused for the next fill
  • Bale Breaker: Break up your soil and then insert your mix into the hopper
  • Soil Hopper: Large soil hopper from which the soil is used for automatic dispensing
  • Pot-belt conveyor: A variable-speed flat-belt conveyor automatically carries the pots under the dispensers and drill
  • Soil Rails and Soil Retention Sides: Avoid soil spills off the conveyor 
  • Screen count: Control panel screen shows you total pots filled and bales pressed for the whole day
  • Customisable: We customise the machine to suit the pots and bags you use (
  • Simple operation: All functions controlled via one microprocessor control panel
  • Emergency Shutdown: As with all our machines, the Hercules comes with Emergency Stop buttons to ensure your safety.
  • Long-lasting: Machine is robustly built for longevity. The Hercules Pot Filler will last you approximately 20 years.


  • Hopper vibrator: To prevent soil-bridging in the hopper
  • Hopper extension hungry boards: Increase the capacity of the hopper


Length: 9100mm Width: 2785mm Height: 3400mm

Hercules Pot and Bag Filler Images
Microprocessor Integrated Control
Bale Breaker
Bale Breaker Roller
Tray Dispenser
Tray Dispenser
Pot-belt conveyor
Automatic Drill
Heavy Duty Motor Drive
Bale Breaker
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