Soil Feed Bin

Williames Feed Bins are designed to continuously feed soil into a tray filler or potting machine. The machine does so via a heavy-duty conveyor which automatically feeds your growing media through via its rubber belt.

Williames Feed Bins are constructed in heavy gauge steel, are reliable and simple to operate. Robust constructions means low maintenance requirements giving high productivity and high profitability. They have variable speed controls with adjustable belt tension and tracking. Bin extenders can be added to increase soil volume capacity.


Large soil capacity
Robust heavy gauge steel construction
Belt conveyor with adjustable tension and tracking
Heavy-duty conveyor support rollers 
Variable speed control dial for the ‘feed belt’
Easy operation
Ergonomic waist-height design




  FN4 Feed Bin
FN10 Feed Bin
Dimensions L: 3500mm x W: 1420mm x H: 2375mm L: 3157mm x W: 2580mm x H: 3000mm
Motor Size 1.5Kw, [2.5 Hp] 3kW [4.02 Hp]
Weight (Approx.) kg
910kg 3200kg
Power Options Single and Three Phase Power Single and Three Phase Power
Soil Capacity 4 Cubic Metres [5.23 cubic yards] 10 Cubic Metres [13.07 cubic yards]




Williames FN10 Feed Bin
Williames FN10 Feed Bin
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