Tray Washer


  • Washes 600 trays or more per hour
  • Washes trays with a low volume of water at high pressure (requires high-pressure units rated 2400-3000 psi)
  • Fingertip Variable Speed
  • Fixed position jet system
  • Thoroughly cleans the tray top and bottom simultaneously
  • Polycarbonate cover
  • Stainless Steel Body
  • Stainless Sprockets and Chain
  • Low Maintenance


  • Fixed Speed option
  • Tray De-Stacker (side or end-loading)
  • Roller Table
  • Top Brushes
  • Side Brushes
  • Bottom Brushes
  • Hot Water Pressure Unit
  • Cold Water Pressure Unit


Length: 2,700mm Width: 842mm Height: 1,158mm

The WILLIAMES TRAY WASHER is an incredibly efficient way to wash trays, using a low volume of water at high pressure to ensure maximum cleaning power with minimum water usage.

A stainless steel heavy-duty chain drive pushes your trays through the washer – they are then cleaned top and bottom at the same time.

Using this method ensures no recycled water – studies show that recycled water is often prone to contamination, leading to negative effects on your growing media. The Tray Washer runs the water to waste to avoid these outcomes.

The WILLIAMES TRAY WASHER is suitable to clean a range tray types including hard plastic trays, expanded polystyrene trays and more. 

The below video shows the chain drive pushing the tray through the Washer and being cleaned with the help of the water-jets and the top and side-brushes. Note: the video example below does not have the polycarbonate cover on at the stage of filming (this, however, can be seen in a few of our photos):


Tray Washer
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“Withcott Seedlings specialise in quality seedlings direct to the farmer and our quality control enables us to supply the quality our farmers expect.  We have hygenic aluminium and steel nursery structures to facilitate ease of sterilization between all new seeded crops. 

It is imperative that our nursery trays are cleaned both quickly and efficiently and this is why we purchased a Williames Tray Washer. 

We are extremely happy with the Williames Tray Washer as it has saved us precious time, labour and money.  We are currently washing 630 trays per hour with one person either end of the line.  This output could be increased if we were to have more people on the line.  The Tray Washer cleans thoroughly the first time and we are so pleased with it that we have purchased another one.  We use 90º hot water and it is 1,000% better than hot dipping trays as we were doing before we purchased the Tray Washer.

We would have no hesitation in recommending a Williames Tray Washer to any grower wishing to improve his profitability and efficiency.”

Graham Erhart, Co-Director of Withcott Seedlings






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