Tray WasherThe WILLIAMES TRAY WASHER is an incredibly efficient way to wash trays, using a low volume of water at high pressure to ensure maximum cleaning power with minimum water usage.

Using this method ensures no recycled water – studies show that recycled water is often prone to contamination, leading to negative effects on your growing media. The Tray Washer runs the water to waste to avoid these outcomes.

The Williames Tray Washer is suitable to clean a range tray types including hard plastic trays, expanded polystyrene trays and more. The standard model takes trays as high as 75mm (3″) and as wide as 420mm (16.53″). One set of four to six fixed jets are positioned across the top of the tray, with another at the bottom, set in the optimum position for automatic tray washing.



  • Washes up to 600 or more trays per hour
  • Thoroughly cleans the tray top and bottom simultaneously
  • Stainless Steel Body
  • Stainless Sprockets and Chain
  • Low Maintenance


  • Variable Speed
  • Tray De-Stacker (non-nesting trays only)
  • Roller Table
  • Top Brushes
  • Side Brushes
  • Hot Water Pressure Unit
  • Cold Water Pressure Unit



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