Williames Fillers fill all known trays, pots or punnets with a wide range of growing media filling standardbut also deep, narrow cellswith a smooth consistent density.

Fillers can include an integrated soil return unit for excess soil preventing waste and contamination, and is achieved using a cleated trough belt conveyor to avoid spillage.

Williames Universal Filler is great value for money for high volume use. It is available in two sizes: 0.75 or 1 cubic metre bin capacity.

Williames FNC Filler is suited to high speed filling of all known types of trays, pots or punnets using a wide range of growing media. It offers nursery growers excellent control over the quality of fill, with an optional soil accelerator, scraper, compacting roller, powered leveling brush and features an integrated soil return system.

Williames Fillers are robustly constructed and very reliable with low maintenance, high productivity and high profitability.



Universal Filler 750
Universal Filler 1000
FNC Filler










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